Having a bridal shower?

It’s easy to get caught up in the wedding planning whirlwind and due to the stress you’re under you often forget to think about having a¬†bridal shower – a significant part of the pre-wedding preparations. A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation¬†of her wedding. Showers are usually coordinated by the bridesmaids, who invite guests to offer gifts for the upcoming home of the bride and groom as a married couple but more specifically the bride.

If you are a bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding, you are probably wondering how to make your bridal shower the best one around! So besides making sure you have fabulous food and a great venue, as well as some wedding lanterns to release to wish the bride-to-be luck for her big day, you’ll need to get some good games going.

There are loads of bridal shower games online but most of them are only variations of old games people used to play at any social gathering, not so much at bridal showers. Try to theme your games in a wedding theme so your guests don’t forget why they are there.

For a twist on traditional games, why not try out karaoke? Everyone knows women love to sing and they love to do it even more with their friends! It doesn’t matter if you have the voice of a strangled cat, in the company of your fellow wedding guests they’ll have you believe you are the songbird you always knew you were (on the inside). You can have everyone vote on who was deemed the best karaoke singer and give them a prize at the end of the day. Nothing like a bit of stiff competition to get people fired up!

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