Getting married this year?

If you are getting married this year, you’ll no doubt want to be in shape. It might even be one of your New Year’s resolutions to shed a few pounds in time for summer. Whatever your reason, you can be sure a toned bride will look a thousand times better in her wedding dress than one who’s spent the winter months on the couch with a bag of potato crisps.

There are lots of easy ways to shape up quickly, obviously watching what you eat is the most important thing to do during this time. Try to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, tuna and try to drink only water and milk. Cutting back on alcohol and sugary drinks such a juice and softdrinks will also see you loose weight.

Here are a few easy work outs you can do in your bedroom before bed if you are time poor – leg squats, start with doing five sets of twenty squats on each leg. As you get better at them you can take it up to five sets of thirty squats. Leg lunges are a great way to tone your inner and outter thighs. Try do twenty lunges on each leg twice over.

If you have a strapless dress you’ll be wanting toned arms, so do some arm raises with a small weight – 1 or 2kgs, either infront of you or lift them up behind you. Try do five sets of twenty. Also, bicep curls with a similar weight to your arm raises will help tone up those wings. 

Now all brides want a flat tummy so you need to ensure you incorporate sit ups into your workout. Do five sets of ten of normal sit ups, then move onto your side and repeat then onto your other side and repeat to work your obliques. 

If you follow this mini workout everynight before bed, you’ll be amazed how toned you’ll end up!

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