Getting Married on World Environment Day

Some people have chosen the 5th of June as the day of their wedding, and actually consider using Wedding Lanterns as a part of the celebrations.

World Environment Day and Wedding Lanterns

World Environment Day and Wedding Lanterns

 The 5th of June happens to be World Environment Day and we encourage those of you who have not yet purchased lanterns that it might be a good idea to get the eco-ones. The World Environment Day is about bringing awareness to all people about their surroundings and what they can do to preserve nature. If you have chosen this day to be your wedding day – do something to commemorate nature. After all, you are part of it. Since you will be having a wedding – light and decorations are in order. You can turn to lanterns for help, you can use them as lights and also you can release them in the sky at the end of the day. If you use the eco lanterns you will be in perfect harmony with nature and fashion. We have another brilliant idea for you – plant a tree. This is something that most people do on 5th of June, thus really contributing to nature. However, if you plant the tree on your wedding day – it will be symbolic too. Years later you can come and visit the tree, take care of it and just watch it grow stronger as your relationship does. Order some eco Wedding Lanterns from us and be ready for the wedding of your dreams.


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