Get the most out of your wedding gown

With your special day behind you, you are probably feeling the pinch a bit. You have probably spent all your hard earned cash on the wedding and now you may find yourself a little on the broke side.

Not that it’s a problem because you were spending money on creating the most memorable day of your life, you can still remember the sight of all those wedding lanterns floating off into the sky and wasn’t it gorgeous?!  But still, it’s nice to know there are ways to make some spare cash.

The first way you can make some extra coin is to part with your wedding dress. Now this option is not for everyone, especially the sentimental beings amongst us, but if you can accept the fact that you will never wear it again and it will be forever immortalised in the form of photographs then go ahead and sell it.

You can sell your dress online, in the paper, to friends of friends, but make sure you set a fair price and understand that you will not get the same amount as what you paid for it obviously because it is pre-loved. Brides who purchase pre-loved gowns are usually on a strict budget so don’t be too hard in setting a price and negotiating.

You can also take your gown to a secondhand bridal store, however they will take a significant portion of the profits so they will buy if off you for the lowest price possible so they can mark it up.

You may also want to take your gown to a dress maker and they can alter it into a more wearable design and maybe even dye it so you can re-wear it to functions and events. Taking the hem up a little and dying it black or even a red will make it look like a designer gown.

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