Get ready for the in-laws!

With your wedding just around the corner you probably aren’t thinking much about what’s going to happen after the big day is over. You’re probably more concerned about whether the caterers have got the menu right and whether you told them Aunt Bev was a vegetarian or not.

Maybe you’re wondering if you did the right thing allowing your intoxicated guests release your wedding lanterns? In any case, it’s highly probable that the thought of dealing with your in-laws in probably at the back of your mind.

However, it is something you will need to think about in the near future especially as they are going to be part of your life as you are in theirs. You are the future mother of their grandchildren so they will expect to be an active part of your life.

If they live in the same city as you, you will be expected to attend all family functions and will need to try your best to get along with them all even if you detest some of them for the sake of your spouse. It’s a tricky situation if you marry into a close family where the mother is particularly close to her son. Maybe he’s the only son in a family full of women or perhaps he’s the only child. Either way, it’s never a good idea to stand in the way of a devoted mother.

As crazy as she may seem you need to ensure you act maturely and try your best not to get in her bad books. She will have the upper hand on you in the early days at least, so let her have her way and try hard to grin and bear it even if she’s driving you nuts. Your spouse will be very proud of you.

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