Get Ready For Memorial Day

We would like to encourage you to get ready for Memorial Day earlier – we offer not only Wedding Lanterns, but wish lanterns as well and you

Get Ready for Memorial Day

Get Ready for Memorial Day

 can use them to celebrate this big national holiday. May 30th is going to be a really special day for many and will certainly bring families closer together to celebrate the life and the sacrifice of the American soldiers in service. This truly is a time to celebrate, because especially these days, years after September 11 – people still know that they can rely on their soldiers – people who will readily give up their lives to protect this country and their families. This also is a time for big family get-togethers.

This is how Memorial Day has originated – by 1865, people in the North had the habit of decorating soldiers graves. May 5th  1868 was refereed to as a Decoration day, but later on this day was proclaimed to be observed everywhere in the country. So the observance was made every year since then. People go to cemeteries and decorated the graves of their relatives and some go there to pay their respect, even if they did not have relatives, who died during their military service. One of the traditions during Memorial Day is to fly the United States flag at half-staff from dawn until 12pm noon.

You can also take part in this very special national holiday. Check out our great wish, flying and Wedding Lanterns and release one in memory of the soldiers.


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