Fox News Anchor Shares Wedding Ceremony Tips

Wedding Lantern – this should be on your wedding list if you are planning to say your nuptials soon. A Fox News Channel anchor

Wedding Celebration Tips

Wedding Celebration Tips

 shared her wedding experience with her audience. She revealed all her little secrets from the designing of the dress to the alterations, the decorations and the wedding vows. The most important thing she shared were useful tips on what to spend your money and on what you can save on. The news anchor revealed that when she had to plan her July wedding, she actually splurged on shoes and thought that she should invest in a good photographer for the wedding. At the same time she advised people that when it comes to flowers and cake and other decorations – they should cut on those expenses. She felt that a nice cake and flowers can be bought for a lesser price and still create an amazing atmosphere. After all, she shared, the guests you invite will also contribute to the atmosphere, so couples that are looking to save some money for their honeymoon should not waste money on those expensive decorations. We have a great idea for you – why not invest in lanterns – they make wonderful and dreamy wedding accents. You can see the great deals we offer and just add them to your wedding list. The lanterns will leave an amazing memory for all your guest, they will make for great pictures and most importantly – a Wedding Lantern is not expensive, but will create an oomph at your wedding.


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