Fly a Wedding Lantern for the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding of the century is very near and you would have to hurry if you want to release a Wedding Lantern wishing them luck.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to marry on the 29 April this year. To some people this is a modern day fairy tale, but whatever people may think of that, this is going to be the most famous and celebrated wedding of the year. The statistics are overwhelming. This wedding alone is going to have 19 000 guests. In addition, about one million people on the streets, cheering and waiting to catch a glimpse of the royal couple. This is nothing compared to how many people are expected to watch the ceremony on TV – over 2 billion. People all around the world are cheering up the couple and the most anticipated wedding is going to happen in just few weeks. Kate Middleton is going to become a duchess, but no one knows what county to. This is the first royal couple to have lived together before the wedding and this comes to show that society has changed a lot. People are trying to come up with all kinds of gifts of their own, in their desire to wish good luck to the couple. Some are going to wave flags, others will raise banners and throw flowers. However, others are determined to be more creative and fly wish lanterns for the newlyweds.

Royal or not, the Wedding Lantern will make the decoration of any wedding incredibly special.


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