Choosing your bridal bouquet

The type of flower a woman likes often denotes what type of woman she is, usually if someone likes white roses it’s a fair indication¬† they are romantic and traditional, so when picking out flowers for your wedding and bouquet, be sure they reflect you and your personality.

Just beacuse tulips are in vogue this wedding season does not mean you need to include them in your wedding. Pick flowers that mean something to you, perhaps your grandparents had roses growing at their house and they remind you of your childhood. Perhaps your husband-to-be bought you a glorious bunch of hydrangeas many years ago that you fell in love with. Try to pull moments from your past and use them in the bouquets on your special day.

If you think you want to go traditional and have classic whites such as roses in the bouquet, it doesn’t mean you have to be boring. You can mix up the roses with other flowers and include some greenery for a dash of colour. Some of the most stunning bouquets are often the traditional-inspired ones.

The bright, bold bouquets are perfect for the fun loving colourful bride-to-be, if this sounds like you, choose a colourful bouquet with lots of bold colour and fun flowers such as sunflowers or gerberas.

Remember to use some wedding lanterns as you walk down the aisle, you could colour coordinate them with your bouquet to keep in theme.

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