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Wedding Lanterns Release Part One

Wedding Lanterns Release | Stunning Images

Our customer service team at Wish Lantern are always happy when we are forwarded photos of a Wedding Lantern Release from their weddings. The shots below are stunning and show perfectly how a wedding lantern display can make for a very special focal part of a wedding. We often take calls from nervous brides/grooms asking [...]
Paper lanterns for weddings


Paper Lanterns for weddings are perfect for symbolizing a couple’s love for one another, bringing light and even more joy to the special day. But they can also express a more universal love, for nature and the environment. Which is why our white eco lanterns are a perfect choice for the celebrations. Our new eco [...]


Even if you don’t have the budget for a Hollywood style event, our stylish, colorful, and eco-friendly Paper Lanterns for Weddings are bound to create an impact and keep the day in everyone’s minds for years to come. Imagine the finale to the big day, when the happy couple, and all their guests, release dozens [...]

Paper Lanterns for Wedding for a Vintage Wedding

The Paper Lanterns for Wedding are an item that can contribute to the vintage style of your wedding if you are planning on having this kind of décor. If you love the vintage style, you have to plan your wedding thinking “vintage look”. You do not have to spend a lot of money to do that. [...]

Ashley and Katie Share Video of Wedding Sky Lanterns Launch

We recently received an email from Katie, a happy Wishlantern customer. I was so impressed with her wedding video I thought i would share her day with the Wedding Wishlantern community. One of the great things about being in the Wedding Industry is that we come across couples at one of the most special moments [...]

Hot Air Balloons and Beautiful Paper Lanterns for Weddings

Certainly planning a wedding is a hard task, and having Paper Lanterns for Weddings will certainly help you almost effortlessly create a truly spectacular effect. With this in mind, we have decided to bring to you some historical facts, and perhaps yet another fun idea for your wedding. There are great ways that you can [...]
wedding wish lanterns are perfect for a Lao ceremony

Wedding Lanterns for Untying the Knot

We have told you about all of the different ways that Wedding Lanterns are used, and in Japan the use of lanterns is a new way to put an end to a relationship. Weddings are happy days for everyone, however, at times things don’t always work out. People are left seeking closure and comfort, yet [...]

Romance Awareness Month

Wedding Lanterns are considered to be very romantic. Why not use them at all times? Why should you only use them at weddings? August is the perfect time to break that tradition. This month is Romance Awareness Month. When was the last time you showed your loved one how romantic you can be. The truth [...]

How to Incorporate Lanterns into Your Wedding

We sell wedding lanterns cheap and you can easily make the lanterns an accent at your wedding for little to no cost. You can use lanterns as a centerpiece at the table. And the best part is that you can do those lanterns yourself. Just find some thick cardboard and manufacture a rectangular shaped lantern. [...]

Wedding Trends For 2011

A Wedding Lantern is something you should include in your 2011 wedding, because it certainly is one of the hottest trends. We have made a research on what the hottest trends are for this year. Here are some tips. Some of this year most popular wedding themes are “winter wonderland”, “sparkling diamonds”, “garden” and “beach” [...]