Wedding Lantern

Paper Lanterns


Paper Lanterns for Weddings can be a wonderful, unique alternative to the traditional, and often more expensive, decorations for your special day. Not only do they have elegant and effective designs, but they come in a variety of shapes and colors. A great thing about these types of lanterns is that they’re affordable, warm and [...]
our pumpkin wedding wish lanterns are very realistic

Tips for Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

If you are planning a wedding for Halloween surely you will want to include some of the great details of the season, such as a pumpkin Wedding Lantern or perhaps carving a couple. Weddings are great fun, especially themed weddings. Here are some tips to make the perfect carved pumpkin. First, choose a pumpkin that [...]
A wedding wish lantern being lit before launching

An Orange Wedding

The typical color of weddings is white, but why not leave the conventional wedding behind and do something extraordinary and beautiful with the help of a Wedding Lantern. These beautiful lanterns will be able to not only bring light and attention to your wedding, but truly offer an amazing experience. More and more untraditional weddings [...]
Paper Lanterns

A Wedding with Lanterns Sets Off a Business

A Texas couple used the idea of a wedding lantern and cotton balls as decorations for their wedding and were noticed by a big national magazine. The 22 year old couple put a lot of thought into organizing their wedding. It was winter time when they decided to tie the knot and wanted some decorations [...]

Fox News Anchor Shares Wedding Ceremony Tips

Wedding Lantern – this should be on your wedding list if you are planning to say your nuptials soon. A Fox News Channel anchor  shared her wedding experience with her audience. She revealed all her little secrets from the designing of the dress to the alterations, the decorations and the wedding vows. The most important [...]

Royal Wedding Lanterns

Just a few days ago, the whole world experienced the craze around the royal wedding and many of you have probably lit your own wedding lantern for the newlyweds. The faces of Prince William and now the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton were seen on every channel all around the world. In just a few [...]

Fly a Wedding Lantern for the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding of the century is very near and you would have to hurry if you want to release a Wedding Lantern wishing them luck. Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to marry on the 29 April this year. To some people this is a modern day fairy tale, but whatever people may [...]

Making Wishes on Wedding Lanterns

Have you ever lit a wedding lantern and prayed to go vacationing in a place so unique it is not like any other place on Earth? Here are some things to keep in mind if not for your honeymoon, then for your next anniversary! You may turn that into your New Year resolution and visit [...]

The Thanksgiving Wedding

We offer a beautiful red and orange wedding lantern which can be incorporated in an autumn or Thanksgiving wedding. There is no better time to plan a wedding then over Thanksgiving. Family and friends gather and are all in one place ready to celebrate this beautiful holiday. You won’t have to worry about a family [...]

Choosing your bridal party

It’s not easy having to choose your bridal party, especially when you are already stressed out about planning the actual wedding. The last thing you want to do is upset anyone. So how many bridesmaids is too many? In many cases, particularly where you have sisters and your partner has sisters, there ends up being [...]