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Weddings for Dogs!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the bizarre world of weddings along comes something that knocks your socks off! Right here in the USA, Dog Weddings are becoming fastly popular! Apparently the dog wedding was a tradition once only undertaken by the upper class and people of celebrity status but now it [...]

Wedding Entrance Dance Takes World By Storm

Here at WeddingWishLanterns.com we’re always on the look out for new and interesting wedding ideas. Whether it’s a new reception idea or theme for your wedding, we’re onto it! We thought we’d like to share this video of a very unique wedding entrance as it’s proven to be very popular all over the globe, maybe [...]

Taking Your Vows to New Heights

If you are looking for a crazy and unique way to get married, then look no further than Skydiving Weddings. Skydiving companies around the world are now offering couples the opportunity to get married whilst sky diving! Most skydiving companies will personally tailor your wedding package to suit your needs. You can choose to hold your wedding [...]

Wedding Planners: Friend or Foe?

When planning a wedding, there’s  so much to think about, no wonder brides to be are some of the most stressed out humans on the planet! So why not let someone else do all the running around for you and hire a wedding planner? There are major pros and cons to doing this. The pros [...]

Interesting Wedding Ideas

There’s an abundance of great wedding resources available at the moment, from wedding dedicated magazine, specialist blogs and websites and even fabulous wedding planners who can take control and transform your ideas into a dream come true. So there’s no wonder why so many brides become stressed during the lead up to the wedding, they [...]

Beach Weddings back in Fashion

Here at Wedding Wish Lanterns we’ve always got our eyes peeled for the newest wedding crazes but there’s one that keeps on coming back, and that’s the beach wedding. The United States has so many glorious beaches, we’ve had couples set wedding lanterns off all up the Californian coast line, in Malibu and of course [...]

Unique Wedding Ideas – Other Great Blogs & Gift boxes!

We continue our look at great unique wedding ideas, to really make your wedding stand out, with a few good ideas we’ve come across some other blogs on the web.  This time we’ve come across a blog that mentions an idea that is gaining popularity at quite a lot of weddings. The web is full [...]

Wedding Lantern Ideas – 2009 Trends

Wedding Wish Lanterns continues it’s series of great wedding ideas.  There are a few new trends that are really becoming popular at weddings throughout the summer, this is a list of our favorite trends this year. Bright Dresses & Colors – One theme that is really becoming prominent among weddings is really bright tones for [...]

Unique Wedding Ideas – Original Themes

Here at weddingwishlanterns.com we love any ideas that are bound to make someones special day really stand out.  So we are going to bring you a selection of the most original ideas for wedding receptions, or ceremonies, that we come across. Photos are of course a great way of keeping the memories of the wedding [...]

Wedding Wish Lanterns’ Poetry

Wedding vows are an intimate moment, a declaration of love and a expression of commitment. Wedding vows should be unique. Wedding Wish Lanterns provides unique wedding ideas for your special day. Many couples will write their own vows, others will use a famous verse to show enduring love. For ideas on traditional wedding poetry you [...]