Wedding Photos Make News Headlines

badweddingpicThere’s been a couple of stories in the news recently about wedding photos, the main one was about a British couple that were so unhappy with their professional wedding shots that they sued the photographer and won. Out of the 400 photos, only 22 were deemed acceptable. 

Marc (48) and Sylvia Day (50) were devastated when they saw their wedding photos which were poorly cropped, under-exposed, and cut off the heads of people. Understandably so, when it’s meant to be the happiest day of your lives and you pay someone to capture every moment! A West Yorkshire judge agreed that the photographer’s service was “woefully inadequate” and ordered him to reimburse the couple for damages, court fees and compensation.

“Some of those memories we will never get back again,” Marc Day said. And he’s completely right, so let this be a lesson for all of the budding wedding photographers out there, you have a very important job to do, make sure you do it well as you have other people’s memories at stake. can recommend a wonderful wedding photographer, Sergius-Bruce photography who are fabulous at creating beautiful photos, we were more than impressed with the job they did on the wedding lantern shots for one of our clients.  

In other wedding photo news, Madonna has successfully sued a UK paper for publishing stolen wedding photos of her and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie only ten days after their divorce. Madonna claimed the UK paper had used her private photos without her permission, after her interior designer copied the photos from the couple’s wedding album. Madonna was awarded the undisclosed damages all of which will go towards her charity.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Wish Lantern

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