Autumn Wedding Ideas

Wedding wish lanterns are a wonderful way to bring out the colors of your autumn wedding. The season that you choose to have your wedding is very important, especially if you are looking to theme it. There are many great theme ideas for an autumn wedding, the colors bring out many wonderful, creative, and charming ways that you can organize your wedding. Imagine the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves as the palette of your wedding. How about instead of the typical red roses or lilies for your bouquets, choose flowers that are orange, yellow, and deep rustic red, better yet, instead of the regular filling, why not use beautiful colored leaves as filler. The leaves design can be incorporated in all aspects of the wedding. The colors of the dress, table dressings, table settings and even the cake. There are thousands of ways to incorporate the season into your wedding, whether you want it to be a direct inspiration or just a slight reflection, your imagination is the limit. Also, with beautiful wedding wish lanterns you can accentuate the season by lighting them mid celebration, during the first dance, or in the end as the guests are leaving. There are many wonderful colors to choose from and you can really bring out the colors and spirit of autumn. It’s a wonderful way to impress your guests, and what’s best is that considering how inexpensive the wedding wish lanterns are you will save plenty of money while still making a memorable and original wedding. Just make sure that you consider safety at all times, especially with the dry leaves of the season. Be sure to check out our safety information for lighting the lanterns properly and safely.


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