Frequently Asked Questions about our lanterns

When will I receive my Wedding Wish Lanterns?

Once your order has been processed, you can expect it to ship out within 24 hours. All orders taken on Friday evenings and weekends will be shipped out the following Monday.

Ground shipment to all lower 48 states usually takes about 3-5 working days. Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada can take up to 7 to 10 working days if sent by ground.

Customers ordering personalised wedding packages will have to wait at least two weeks as we have to have the personalised designs printed – please allow plenty of time before your wedding to put you order in, and call us toll free on 1-800-234-0781 when ordering to discuss lead times.

How much does shipping and tax cost?

Shipping by ground is fairly cheap. You will see the actual cost of shipping after you enter your payment details on Google checkout. You will have the opportunity to review the total cost including shipping, before confirming the purchase.

Only Texas Residents will be charged sales tax of 8.25%

Will the Wedding Wish Lanterns harm the environment?

No, not at all. Wish Lanterns are made with 99% biodegradable materials. Once the Wish Lantern wick has burned out the lantern will float back down to the ground.

Are they safe to use?

Yes, Wedding Wish Lanterns are completely safe. But they do involve the use of a naked flame so please ensure you familiarise yourself with the safety instructions prior to using them.

How do I light them?

It’s best to use two people for this, one to hold out the edges of the lantern and one to light the small cardboard square in the centre of the lantern. It works best if you light each corner of the cardboard wick while the lantern is upright. You can watch a demonstration of the Wish Lantern being lit in the Image Gallery section of our website.

What are the best conditions to use them in?

Wish Lanterns can be used in a variety of different environments; however the conditions they perform best in are still weather, clear skies and large open spaces.

They can be used in the rain if it’s only light or drizzling but it is advised not to use them in heavy downpours.

Can my children use them?

It is strongly advised that children are not left unsupervised with Wish Lanterns as flames and matches/lighters are involved. Children should not attempt to light the lanterns or launch a lantern by themselves under any circumstances.

Are Wedding Wish Lanterns known by any other names?

Wedding Wish Lanterns are also known as wish lanterns, khoom fay, sky lanterns, glo lanterns, chinese lanterns or thai lanterns in different parts of the world.

Do I need to ask my wedding venue for permission to use Wedding Wish Lanterns?

Yes, the use of wedding wish lanterns is at the venue’s discretion so we would advise you to check with them before ordering.