A Wedding with Lanterns Sets Off a Business

A Texas couple used the idea of a wedding lantern and cotton balls as decorations for their wedding and were noticed by a big national magazine. The 22 year old couple put a lot of thought into organizing their wedding. It was winter time when they decided to tie the knot and wanted some decorations that would be appropriate. They decided to go with lanterns, cotton and burlap balls, twigs and berries. The young couple used advice from both their mothers and chose a little wooden chapel to get married.

They both confessed that they are somewhat terrified of crowds and a little chapel just fit perfectly with their idea of a wedding. The bride wore her grandmother’s dress, which was fitted for her figure and a little white handkerchief under her dress that was worn by many brides before her. The setting of the wedding photographs was at the chapel and also at the American Wind Power Center and Museum. The photographs turned out so beautiful that the wedding was immediately noticed by a big national magazine. This magazine wanted to feature the unique wedding in their fall/winter issue. This gave an idea to all of those that helped organize the beautiful wedding to start their own catering business.

The idea of a Wedding lantern, cotton balls, a wooden chapel and some windmills made up for a unique wedding and inspired many people – a magazine, its readers and a new business!


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