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How to Incorporate Lanterns into Your Wedding

We sell wedding lanterns cheap and you can easily make the lanterns an accent at your wedding for little to no cost. You can use lanterns as a centerpiece at the table. And the best part is that you can do those lanterns yourself. Just find some thick cardboard and manufacture a rectangular shaped lantern. [...]

Wedding Trends For 2011

A Wedding Lantern is something you should include in your 2011 wedding, because it certainly is one of the hottest trends. We have made a research on what the hottest trends are for this year. Here are some tips. Some of this year most popular wedding themes are “winter wonderland”, “sparkling diamonds”, “garden” and “beach” [...]

Wedding Lantern Pictures

We have been trying to convince you for a long time that Wedding Lanterns are a must if you want to have something unique at your wedding. This time we have decided that there is something that will convince you more than words can and that’s actual wedding pictures with the lanterns. If you are [...]