Monthly Archives: May 2011


Getting Married on World Environment Day

Some people have chosen the 5th of June as the day of their wedding, and actually consider using Wedding Lanterns as a part of the celebrations.  The 5th of June happens to be World Environment Day and we encourage those of you who have not yet purchased lanterns that it might be a good idea [...]

Wedding Lanterns for Fathers Day

Fathers Day is approaching and what better gift than choosing this day as your wedding day – order Wedding Lanterns Cheap now and start  preparing for the big day. If you are the bride – this day will be great – your father will walk you down the isle, this will be a gift like [...]

Get Ready For Memorial Day

We would like to encourage you to get ready for Memorial Day earlier – we offer not only Wedding Lanterns, but wish lanterns as well and you  can use them to celebrate this big national holiday. May 30th is going to be a really special day for many and will certainly bring families closer together [...]

Royal Wedding Lanterns

Just a few days ago, the whole world experienced the craze around the royal wedding and many of you have probably lit your own wedding lantern for the newlyweds. The faces of Prince William and now the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton were seen on every channel all around the world. In just a few [...]