Monthly Archives: April 2011


Wedding Lanterns in Another Movie

Wedding Lanterns are becoming a tradition in all weddings and you can even see them featured in the movies. We just found out that there are lanterns in an upcoming movie called the “Ceremony”. The stars in the movie are Michael Argarano, Uma Thurman and Reece Thompson and the script is very funny. It is [...]

Wedding Lanterns for You Honeymoon

This is not the traditional honeymoon we are going to talk about. Today we offer you Wedding Lanterns Cheap and present you with the opportunity to have your unique honeymoon at home. The economy has affected all of us and more and more couples are thinking about an unconventional wedding these days. We all know [...]

Fly a Wedding Lantern for the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding of the century is very near and you would have to hurry if you want to release a Wedding Lantern wishing them luck. Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to marry on the 29 April this year. To some people this is a modern day fairy tale, but whatever people may [...]

Wedding Lanterns Make the Headlines Yet Again

Wedding Lanterns made the headlines again. This time, the story is not about a royal family or some Hollywood star wedding, but just an  ordinary family. The story is about the Shokney family. Jack Shokney, 73, who is a father of the groom was recently admitted in the John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. In fact, [...]