Monthly Archives: November 2010


Taking Advantage of Black Friday

We offer a number of great deals on white and colored Wedding Wish Lanterns, and as weddings can get quite expensive, why not take advantage of Black Friday and get some deals on decorations and so much more. Black Friday applies to pretty much all the stores nationwide, and you can find almost anything at [...]

Choosing the Perfect Fall Dress

Along with the many other necessities like cake, dinner, seating, music, and the perfect wish lantern, you will need to find the ideal fall dress for your special day. There are many things to consider, though in the end it’s all a matter of taste. The colors of fall are ideal for a beautiful dress [...]

The Thanksgiving Wedding

We offer a beautiful red and orange wedding lantern which can be incorporated in an autumn or Thanksgiving wedding. There is no better time to plan a wedding then over Thanksgiving. Family and friends gather and are all in one place ready to celebrate this beautiful holiday. You won’t have to worry about a family [...]