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Connect with Wedding Wish Lanterns

Let’s face it, anyone who’s anyone these days is on Facebook, getting connected with their friends, as well as people they haven’t seen in about twenty million years, looking after their farm or building up a mafia gang…and of course, we must not forget about showing the world how cool we are by adding our [...]

Save Money with Wedding Wish Lanterns

When planning your wedding, it’s easy for costs to add up very quickly and tensions to be mounting with them. If you’re looking for ways to save money before your big day, then look no further than here, the wedding wish lanterns blog, and the only place to find out really nifty ways to save [...]

How to Propose: part 2

Following the huge increase of proposal rates since last week’s blog was published (N.B. We have no evidence to support this statement, we are simply assuming…), we thought we’d continue to offer our words of wisdom to you, beloved blog reader, and share some more proposal ideas. This time round, we talk you through keeping [...]

How to Propose: part 1

Here at Wedding wish lanterns HQ, we, for relatively obvious reasons, love a good wedding day/marriage celebration. We love the dancing, the laughing, the love and the feelings of hope and happiness about the future of he happy couple. Of course, all this begins with one special and unique moment; the time in which one [...]

We Tune in to “Four Weddings”

Here at WWL HQ, there’s nothing we like more than finding out about other people’s weddings, seeing how their big day is panning out, and of course, if we can, help the reception finish with a grand finale of our very own wedding wish lanterns. However, we also don’t mind watching a bit of trashy [...]