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Top Three Wedding Mistakes

Not all brides have their heads in the right place when planning their weddings, they might be stressed and easily swayed by wedding dress shop staff, party planners and members of their family. So it’s important┬áto remember it’s your day and you should be able to have it as you like at the same time [...]

Choosing your bridal party

It’s not easy having to choose your bridal party, especially when you are already stressed out about planning the actual wedding. The last thing you want to do is upset anyone. So how many bridesmaids is too many? In many cases, particularly where you have sisters and your partner has sisters, there ends up being [...]

Get ready for the in-laws!

With your wedding just around the corner you probably aren’t thinking much about what’s going to happen after the big day is over. You’re probably more concerned about whether the caterers have got the menu right and whether you told them Aunt Bev was a vegetarian or not. Maybe you’re wondering if you did the [...]

Getting married this year?

If you are getting married this year, you’ll no doubt want to be in shape. It might even be one of your New Year’s resolutions to shed a few pounds in time for summer. Whatever your reason, you can be sure a toned bride will look a thousand times better in her wedding dress than [...]