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Having a wedding over New Year?

Have you decided to ditch the spring wedding and go for a more unique time of year such as winter to get married? You aren’t the only one! Thousands of brides to be have seen the light and are now turning to the beauty of winter season to provide them with a gorgeous setting for [...]
Merry Christmas

Wedding Wish Lanterns wish you all a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all the team here at! We all hope you have a fabulous festive season and a wonderful New Year. Best wishes go out to all you winter brides out there, may your wedding be beautiful and if you would like to share any of your winter bridal photos with us, even [...]

What type of Hen are you?

Brides to be have enough on their plate on the weeks coming up to their weddings, let alone having to ensure their maid of honour has organised a great hen’s night for them. As a bride to be you should have picked a maid of honour who knows you better than anyone else. That way [...]

Get the most out of your wedding gown

With your special day behind you, you are probably feeling the pinch a bit. You have probably spent all your hard earned cash on the wedding and now you may find yourself a little on the broke side. Not that it’s a problem because you were spending money on creating the most memorable day of [...]

Winter Weddings

Not all weddings need to be held in the warmer months! There may be a special winter destination where you and your partner first met or both generally love that you would love to get married at but people may have said, don’t get married in the winter it’s too cold! But all they are [...]