Monthly Archives: October 2009


Wedding Photos Make News Headlines

There’s been a couple of stories in the news recently about wedding photos, the main one was about a British couple that were so unhappy with their professional wedding shots that they sued the photographer and won. Out of the 400 photos, only 22 were deemed acceptable.  Marc (48) and Sylvia Day (50) were devastated [...]

Wedding Wish Lanterns In New Bacardi Advert

Here at Wedding Wish Lanterns we have been super excited to watch our very own Wedding Lanterns in use in the new bacardi advert, “island”! The video features people riding out to sea on boats, building an island from rocks and throwing an amazing looking party which culminates in the launching of Wish Lanterns. Although [...]

Festive weddings at Wedding Wish Lantern

Christmas is fast approaching, and before we know it we’ll be breaking out the tinsel, wrapping paper and crackers. However some might be planning and preparing for something even more exciting- those who are organising wintertime weddings will be in full swing at this time. Whilst wish lanterns are popular at summer weddings, either coloured [...]

Make your autumn wedding extra special

At this time of year as summer is fading out, trees are shedding their leaves which cover the ground in beautiful fiery blankets of orange, yellow and red. Autumn has arrived, and it can be one of the most special and unique times to get married- with the stunning colours and many of the autumnal [...]

Wedding Planners: Friend or Foe?

When planning a wedding, there’s  so much to think about, no wonder brides to be are some of the most stressed out humans on the planet! So why not let someone else do all the running around for you and hire a wedding planner? There are major pros and cons to doing this. The pros [...]

Wedding Etiquette

Weddings are very special occasions, remember the bride and groom would have been planning this day for months, maybe even years to ensure it’s all they could have hoped and dreamed for, so please remember your etiquette if you have been fortunate enough to receive an invitation. Here at Wedding Wish Lanterns, we like to think [...]