Monthly Archives: September 2009


Interesting Wedding Ideas

There’s an abundance of great wedding resources available at the moment, from wedding dedicated magazine, specialist blogs and websites and even fabulous wedding planners who can take control and transform your ideas into a dream come true. So there’s no wonder why so many brides become stressed during the lead up to the wedding, they [...]

Beach Weddings back in Fashion

Here at Wedding Wish Lanterns we’ve always got our eyes peeled for the newest wedding crazes but there’s one that keeps on coming back, and that’s the beach wedding. The United States has so many glorious beaches, we’ve had couples set wedding lanterns off all up the Californian coast line, in Malibu and of course [...]

Wedding Lanterns Causing Confusion

Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory, and the internet is absolutely full of them.  But not many people imagine that by letting off some wedding lanterns during their big day it’s going to become a major news story, with speculation about aliens and UFO’s.  Yet this is precisely what happened to one couple in the [...]