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Wedding Lantern Ideas – 2009 Trends

Wedding Wish Lanterns continues it’s series of great wedding ideas.  There are a few new trends that are really becoming popular at weddings throughout the summer, this is a list of our favorite trends this year. Bright Dresses & Colors – One theme that is really becoming prominent among weddings is really bright tones for [...]

Great Wedding Lantern Ideas – The Eco Wedding

We all know how much time and money goes into preparing weddings throughout the year,  it’s a multi million dollar business, people spend hundreds of hours fretting over how to make their big day perfect.  However recently many more couples considering the impact on the environment… Weddings are an all consuming event,  there are not [...]

Unique Wedding Ideas – Original Themes

Here at we love any ideas that are bound to make someones special day really stand out.  So we are going to bring you a selection of the most original ideas for wedding receptions, or ceremonies, that we come across. Photos are of course a great way of keeping the memories of the wedding [...]