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Wedding Wish Lanterns’ Poetry

Wedding vows are an intimate moment, a declaration of love and a expression of commitment. Wedding vows should be unique. Wedding Wish Lanterns provides unique wedding ideas for your special day. Many couples will write their own vows, others will use a famous verse to show enduring love. For ideas on traditional wedding poetry you [...]

Wedding Lanterns go Technicolor

Here at the wedding wish lantern offices, we have long stood by theĀ supposition that wedding lanterns should be white. Not only are they and graceful witha swan-like elegance in their white attire, they are also more uniform and- more often than not- blend in well with the ivories of the bridal decor. When customers have [...]

Wedding Wish Lanterns’ Unique Wedding Ideas

Summer is here and blushing brides across the nation are looking forward to the big day. For those who are ready Wedding Wish Lanterns would like to congratulate you and wish you luck for the future. If you are still planning Wedding Wish Lantern can provide a unique wedding idea for your reception. There are [...]