Wedding Lanterns and wedding party packages from Wish lantern. Wedding lanterns from Wish Lantern are fast becoming the hottest must have unique party accessory.

Wedding LanternsWish Lantern was established in 2007 as a brand that sells customers a range of mystical party products. From our original Wish lanterns through to our stunning Wish Stars, we offer customers a range of wedding products that will transform parts of your wedding. Our Wedding Lantern display will stun your guests and is sure to stay in the minds of everyone for years to come.

We offer customers a range of wedding lantern packages to accommodate parties of between twenty and up to two hundred wedding guests. These classic wish lantern packages can be combined with other parts of our party-ware range to create a unique theme for sections of your wedding.

Our candle bags can add further to the atmosphere of your wedding and our own-brand confetti cannons will give your wedding guests something special to remember the day by.  Wedding lanterns from Wish Lantern will add to your memories of your special day. Alternatively check out our stunning range of Bio Dove Helium balloons at our sister website –




Wedding Lanterns Release Part One

Wedding Lanterns Release | Stunning Images

Our customer service team at Wish Lantern are always happy when we are forwarded photos of a Wedding Lantern Release from their weddings. The shots below are stunning and show perfectly how a wedding lantern display can make for a very special focal part of a wedding. We often take calls from nervous brides/grooms asking [...]

Erin & Erics Wedding Wishlantern Launch

This week I had the pleasure of receiving an email and some beautiful images from a photographer called Corey Ann. It turns out our Wedding Wishlanterns were used at a wedding she was shooting for and she got some great shots of the special day. Wishlanterns are typically launched around sunset and being a keen [...]
Paper lanterns for weddings


Paper Lanterns for weddings are perfect for symbolizing a couple’s love for one another, bringing light and even more joy to the special day. But they can also express a more universal love, for nature and the environment. Which is why our white eco lanterns are a perfect choice for the celebrations. Our new eco [...]


Even if you don’t have the budget for a Hollywood style event, our stylish, colorful, and eco-friendly Paper Lanterns for Weddings are bound to create an impact and keep the day in everyone’s minds for years to come. Imagine the finale to the big day, when the happy couple, and all their guests, release dozens [...]
Paper Lanterns


Paper Lanterns for Weddings can be a wonderful, unique alternative to the traditional, and often more expensive, decorations for your special day. Not only do they have elegant and effective designs, but they come in a variety of shapes and colors. A great thing about these types of lanterns is that they’re affordable, warm and [...]